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For students and teachers


Organization of study-learning tours for students and teachers – it is our most favoured sphere of activities in which we like to engage ourselves.  It is so because the Czech Republic is a really unique educational subject where students can get acquainted with high European standards in production branches interesting for them. Mental closeness facilitate quick establishment of friendly and professional contacts between representatives of the accepting country and its young colleagues.

The above mentioned results in the following:

  • The educational facility consolidates its image, demonstrating its openness and readiness to realize innovation educational programmes;
  • Students improve the quality of education obtained and extend considerably their professional horizon;
  • We as organizers and inspirers of the project are happy about the fact we make our contribution to strengthening international connections.

The methods developed by us for realization of tours include the following:

  • The learning programme consisting of lectures and seminars in the profiled educational facility;
  • The learning programme in practice including visits to Czech enterprises and getting personally acquainted with sophisticated technologies.
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