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Business travel – MICE

Being one of the largest Czech tour operators, AGROLEX has been successfully developing the progressive direction within MICE in the course of several years.

Currently, the Czech Republic is a peaceful, safe and economically stable country situated in the very hub of Europe. It possesses an advanced touristic infrastructure with a high level of services. It is one of the most beautiful countries of the world boasting of a rich history, architectural monuments, diverse landscape and unique spas.

Thanks to it, the country forms an ideal environment where there are outstanding conditions concentrated to carry out MICE events of any standard and specialization.

Our activities apply to:

  • Organization of congresses, conferences, festivals and meetings
  • Specialized programmes oriented at ecology and environmental protection
  • Study-learning programmes for students of varying specializations (architecture and building, information technologies, transport and communications, agricultural industry sector, tourism, medicine, etc.)
  • Booking of hotels, congress halls in various towns and regions of the Czech Republic
  • Non-standard incentive programmes according to clients’ preferences
  • Instructional seminars and trainings
  • Wide assortment of learning excursions through the Czech Republic and other countries of the Schengen Area
  • Personal video-operator and professional studio ready to pass a unique movie about your pleasant stay in the Czech Republic after the end of the project.

Plan of nternational exhibitions in the Czech Republic in 2016 >>